• An explanation of the mosaic2014-3-1 19:03:05

Crystal mosaic glass is a kind of a glass made out of crystal, glass in one of the best, a lot of people fitting in a pursuit. There are a lot of people do not understand the mosaic, now I explain to everyone.

Mosaic (Mosaic), building professional terms as mosaic tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles are divided into two kinds of glass mosaic tiles. Is a kind of decorative art, often using many small stones or fragments of colored glass makes up the pattern, in the church of glass art, also known as the stained glass (stained glass). In the era of the Byzantine Empire, mosaics along with the rise and development of Christian churches and palaces in the form of murals. Now refers to this type of mosaic colorful visuals. Mosaic also refers to an existing image (video) widely used means of disposing of this means the color gradation detail specific areas of the image and cause deterioration of color disrupting effect because of this ambiguity appears to have a grid composed of a small , they call this the picture of the image mosaic. Its purpose is usually to make it unrecognizable.

With respect to the examples given RGB, R (red red), G (green green), B (blue blue). These three colors each with 0 to 255 intensity values within the range, the higher the number the more light, for example, a bright red using the R value 255, G, and B values of 0 0, colorless and colored light can be watered and brighter light. If the blue light and white meet, the result is to produce a brighter blue light. So to mix the different colors R, G, B values of. For example a picture, there are a lot of them are small patches of different colors, because these color pixels is very, very small and dense, while playing a range of mosaics that circle (small color range of integers, so usually with rectangular or square to circle), put together in a full circle of small patches of R values were then averaged. Then put together the full value of G, find the average. Then the B value all add up, averaging. Finally, above the average of the total R-value of R-value, the average value is above the total G G value, the average value is above the total B B value, the formation of a color, and then put the color painted circle, thus forming a mosaic.

The above, crystal mosaic glass is a gourmet. Now everyone has some understanding of the mosaic, crystal mosaic glass that is a very fine expensive glass of it.

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