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Decorative glass, decorative home now people like to use some beautiful decorative glass family, the family do not have a flavor, there is a good variety of decorative glass, all kinds of bizarre glass is very attractive to the eye.

Manufacture of decorative glass is very technical in nature, the technology mainly from jewelry processing, cloisonne and mosaics. Rise of decorative glass with the emergence of a large number of churches associated.

There have been many Gothic era cathedral, a large number of decorative glass is used for windows, people think you can make a beautiful glass pattern soul closer to God. Tenth century AD, depicting the biblical story of Jesus Christ and decorative glass appeared in France and Germany, the church, and the United Kingdom there have been some glass decorative painting. Gothic era decorative glass is colored glass embedded in a block of lead, the composition of complex patterns to describe the biblical stories and saints lives. Look to the ground, people see no pattern, but one of the black lines and colored light consists of a network, it becomes a universal church of God the Holy Land. This period is described in some people pay more attention to ideological rather than the actual image. Glass color turbidity, colored rough, it will brown glass enamel coated on the pattern generation, transmission and often overlooked.

In the fifteenth century, the idea for decorative glass change, more attention patterns rather than atmosphere. Glass color begins to fade, better lighting, patterns are larger, often flooded the windows. Stained glass work has become increasingly complex. Rediscovered silver coloring agent, so the artists were able to depict yellow hair and gold dress.With the development of stained glass, and lead more people to pay attention not. Three hundred years after the Renaissance, glass and more heavy white glass paint, take pride in symbolism and inner beauty of decorative glass initially was gone.

Decorative glass will appear in some families, passenger Bin rooms, churches, and many, will appear a very unique space, and gradually into the public life.

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