• The most practical decorative glass - glass mosaic2014-3-1 19:01:55

Glass mosaic is a kind of mosaic art, is patterned pebbles of various colors, in the evolutionary process, gradually extended to a variety of raw shellfish, tiles, glass, etc. Space is nothing less than that of several decorative materials, glass mosaic for those who suffer from dull to see the dash of new color designers, it activates more than just design ideas, more artistic atmosphere of the space is decorated glass. Color debris attached to the walls, floor, frame, a chair, on the armrest, the edge of the table, draw a pattern, Collage excellent block, turned his eyes wind in a casual place, we see it in unexpected places, If the wizard-like sparkle. Glass mosaic small stature aplomb in the indoor space, so the mood look.

Divided by glass mosaic texture ceramic, marble, glass and other categories. Its bright translucent glass mosaic, giving the feeling of the most striking recent and popular. Ceramic mosaic composed of quartz, silicates, fluorides and other raw materials fired at high temperatures, showing a variety of processing Quintana solid, moire, Venus and crystal, etc., but also because of the nature of their small stature, to be effortless in space. Usage varied mosaic, collage approach is arbitrary, though seemingly simple, the actual operation, but requires some skill. It's small, but the use of the most solid Seeing as separate color space to use, whether it is a mosaic of color, bright color than other materials, especially glass or foil material, it is arrogant to limit.

Is nothing more than the size, location, color contrast, with the surrounding environment, the size of the patch area, in line with the principles of peaceful coexistence of neighboring colors, jumping and strong sense of color due to narrow space, calm, peaceful, quiet colors can release large area of use, this is not one of the most creative principle, but very easy to use, and must adhere to, or the opposite of the effect is either to use bright colors to shake open eyes, the color of peace or the environment to drown. Secondly said contrasting color, no matter what color, as long as it's next to a contrasting color lining, you can make it more prominent hue itself, can not light up bright. In the interior wall decoration materials, glass mosaic is the most suitable decorative glass!

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